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PT. Inti Jaya Presisi is a trusted and specialized enterprise which provides all kinds of quality measuring and testing equipment for metals and non-metal components or materials, like microscope, digital camera and metallurgy software, hardness tester, precision cutting machine for metallographic sample / specimen, mounting press machine, grinding machine, polishing machine, universal testing machine, tensile test, salt spray tester, rheometer, oven and furnace, spectrometer, tachometer, balance and scale, coating thickness gauge, color comparator, manometer and other laboratory and quality check equipment.
Established on 2005, PT. Inti Jaya Presisi has established strategic relationships with partners from around the world to deliver the best service and solutions to customers.
We are supported by reliable experts who have the competence and experience, and reliable to solve the problems of measuring and testing, and always insist on the professional aspect, and oriented on quality and timeliness.
We will never stop to learn and strive to deliver the latest and affordable technology to satisfy all the customer needs..
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Tel     : (+62) 21 53125955
Fax    : (+62) 21 53125956
Email : intijayapresisi@cbn.net.id

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PT. Inti Jaya Presisi
Graha Raya Bintaro Jaya, Blok A No. 26, Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia 15324
Tel : +62 21 53125955, Fax : +62 21 53125956
Email : intijayapresisi@cbn.net.id, http://www.ijptesting.com
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